Setting up a Prepaid Card Business is Easy with Calling Card Billing Software

Published: 26th June 2009
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Many entrepreneurs believe that setting up a phone or calling card business is very complicated and costly. So they usually pass on this opportunity not knowing that the market potential of calling cards has been exploding over the years. Contrary to popular beliefs, starting a call card business is simpler nowadays thanks to new technologies and new calling card billing software. You can take advantage of state of the art calling card billing system in order to quickly build your own phone card and prepaid card retailing and wholesaling business.

The key to a successful prepaid card marketing and distribution venture is the software that will take care of every aspect of your business. For example, DTH Software Inc has developed a calling card billing system that fully automates the daily tasks of a prepaid calling card business. Its system can fully integrate with Asterisk, a telephony engine and an open source program. By providing such capability to business owners, establishing and running a prepaid card business will be easier and less complicated.

The calling card billing system of DTH Software Inc has a complete prepaid calling card management feature. The calling card billing software can take care of billing tasks, card activation, and crediting. It also has the capability to mass produce prepaid cards or simply to produce small number of cards. Included in the software is an automated system for tracking fraudulent and failed authentication as well as automated distribution of prepaid card activation codes to resellers and online retailers. Essentially, such software is an all in one solution for managing the daily transactions and activities of a prepaid card business. There is no need for you to hire a full army of technical and accounting staff because the software can perform daily management and implementation tasks.

Of course, when you set up a prepaid calling card business, you also need to have a server where the calling card billing software will run. This is not much of a problem because server systems now are getting cheaper also. Aside from this, you need Internet service as well as phone service provisions which will serve as the backbone of your calling card business. After these requirements have been fulfilled, your calling card billing system is ready to operate 24 / 7. You can operate this kind of business with few staff that will ensure that your systems are always working properly. The only thing left for you to do is to market your product and build your network of distributors.

Starting a prepaid calling card business is simpler nowadays. With the use of the right software and billing system, you can have a small company that can operate globally. Because more people now are switching to prepaid calling services, there is certainly a wide market waiting for you to explore and develop. With low overhead investment, you can enjoy faster ROI from your prepaid card business.

To get the best calling card billing software that smart business owners use, simply visit our website today and take advantage of our sophisticated calling card billing system suitable for starting a prepaid calling card business.

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